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Professional Moderators, Helping Your Project Stay Safe

Standing Meeting


We understand projects can be challenging; ModHub are here to help take one less stress away and keep your community safe. Our moderators will perform standard moderating duties, such as keeping your chat clean, banning bots or potential threats, helping direct community members to different areas needed such as your website, charts and answering questions whilst being friendly and professional the whole time, also ensuring everything stays a positive environment for all.


The ModHub Experience


Introducing us to who you are and your Mission Statement.

This will be to provide us with some information on your project, along with who you are and past experience etc. The goal for this introduction will be to ensure Mod Hub are aware of what the project is all about in order to assist us in answering your community, and providing the best service possible.

Moderators Integrated

Moderators being added with necessary permissions

Going from your needs of the project, the moderators who fit these requirements will be brought in and given the appropriate permissions (deleting messages, kicking, banning and so on). As we have moderators in different time zones, we can ensure 24/7 coverage if requested. 

Professional Moderating

Receive the best service out there


Our moderators will stay active within your chat, greeting and conversating with your community ensuring engagement throughout. Along with this, standard moderating duties such as removing unwanted comments & negativity, kicking those who break any rules and banning repeat offenders, as well as banning those attempting to send scam links and/or messages.

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